Airport Transfer

Our company provides airport transfer services for several major airports and cities from Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

  • Romania: Arad, Oradea, Cluj, Resita, Lugoj, Deva, Caransebes
  • Serbia: Belgrade, Vrsac
  • Hungary: Budapest, Szeged

All these destinations are closer to you if you travel with us!

Book now one of our cars with professional drivers and you will save time, money and energy! Using our service, you will feel safe that at the international arrivals will be someone waiting for you, ready to go for your destination. Having a car ready, waiting for you offers more time and energy for your journey and gives you fluency to your day.  Also the fact that you don`t have to worry about finding a cab is another advantage of using our services.

Our transport service provides everything that an airport transfer requires:

-Arrival waiting with a visible sign-we wait for our clients at the international arrivals (with your name written in a visible way, so you could recognize us easily),

- Departure-you will be dropped off at the closest gate for departure

- Luggage help-we help with the luggage if necessary,

- Knowledge of roads – our drivers they know all the routes, all our cars have GPS

- Professional driving - safe and fast-we drive safe and fast in order to cache your flights and to arrive to your destinations

- Prices/Rates are standard and public- you may pay online or cash

- On time service-we are on time!

We offer fluency and speed for your travels!





Departure locationArrival locationTransfer type
EconomicBusinessGroup Transfer
(4 seats)(private transportation)(5-8 persons)
Price lei/seatPrice euro/autoPrice euro/group
Timisoara AirportTimisoara City-10-
Timisoara AirportArad Airport-25-
Timisoara AirportOradea Airport-80-
Timisoara AirportCluj Airport-145-
Timisoara AirportBelgrade Airport-110-
Timisoara AirportBudapest Airport-120-
Timisoara AirportLugoj-35-
Timisoara AirportResita-55-
Timisoara AirportDeva-75-
Timisoara AirportCaransebes-55-
Timisoara AirportSzeged-65-
Timisoara AirportVrsac (Serbia)-70-


Prices are in euro!

In order to make a reservation, please fill in the order form.


Reservation form

Name, Surname


Phone No


Airport Pickup

Departure location

Flight details

Date and hour of landing

Date and hour of pickup


Passanger no

Transfer type

Other information

Transfer to the Airport

Departure location

Date and hour of pickup

Destination location

Flight details

Date and hour of departure

Date and hour of airport arrival

Transfer type

Passanger Number

Other info

Check and send the form



Transfer typeNumber of seatsAuto type
Economic -E44 seatsRenault Clio, Chevrolet Aveo
Business - B11 automobileHyundai Accent, Opel Astra
Transport group G88 seats busVW, Mercedes Benz, Mazda



Transfer Type

We offer private transportation (business) safe and fast! Our drivers will drive you safe and fast to your destination!

With us you may experience the benefits of a private transfer!


  • For each passenger allowed luggage are those accepted by airlines companies.
  • For luggage that exceeds airlines standard limits, please inform us when you make your reservation
  • Children seats – this is a free facility- please inform us when you complete your reservation form.

Extra rates

  • 5 EURO for every stop – in case of a transfer with multiple addresses
  • 5 EURO for pet transportation ( there is mandatory pet special cage)
  • Prices do not include VAT.


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